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We love music, surfing and most importantly the ocean. Our mission is to raise awareness about the threats our oceans face and what needs to be done to protect it.

We will be providing short informative packages on some of these solutions, as well as a never ending stream of beautiful beach music from some of the most talented DJs, producers and artists around the world. We specialise in downtempo beach sounds with roots in soul, funk and jazz, trip hop and cutting edge lounge, the very best chill-out through to deep house and electronica.

We are a station which believes in the power of music, community, creativity and well being to nurture a more conscious, considered and prosperous way of life for everyone.

Join www.OneOcean.fm and be part of the solution to help protect our Ocean.

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Our Ocean Malta 5th - 6th October

Over 3 billion people depend directly on our seas for their livelihoods. But in reality, all of us depend on the ocean: for our water, our food, our climate and our air.

Seas and oceans enrich our identity, ensure our wellbeing and sustain a large part of the economy.

Human action has left our ocean heavily affected by pollution, overexploitation, coastal degradation and global warming. This has severe consequences for all.

A new vision is needed, along with strong and action-oriented commitments.

Since 2014, Our Ocean conferences, have invited world leaders to look forward and respond, delivering high-level commitments and transforming the challenges ahead into an opportunity for cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

On the 5th and 6th October 2017 edition Our Ocean  “An Ocean for Life”, will be hosted by the European Union in Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean.

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