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About One Ocean FM

We love music, surfing and most importantly the ocean. Our mission is to raise awareness about the threats our oceans face and what needs to be done to protect it.

We will be providing short informative packages on some of these solutions, as well as a never ending stream of beautiful beach music from some of the most talented DJs, producers and artists around the world. We specialise in downtempo beach sounds with roots in soul, funk and jazz, trip hop and cutting edge lounge, the very best chill-out through to deep house and electronica.

We are a station which believes in the power of music, community, creativity and well being to nurture a more conscious, considered and prosperous way of life for everyone.

Join www.OneOcean.fm and be part of the solution to help protect our Ocean.


SDG Global Goal 14

Global Goal 14 needs our help.  

Every second breath we take is drawn from the ocean, it provides both a source of income and of protein for 3 billion of the world’s poorest people, but every day we are raiding it and choking it with oil and plastic. And yet for this goal, more than any other, the solutions are known, simple, and achievable – a high seas treaty to control the offshore (already committed to by the UN at the Ocean Conference in June), amazing use of technology in order to both monitor and innovate replenishments in the global seafood system, and a global reassessment of our use of plastic. 

Music is an incredibly powerful vehicle to engage, and through engagement support change, it breaks down barriers and allows connections that would otherwise not be made. It crosses borders and short cuts language. The Global Goals campaign have created oneocean.FM, a music stream, communication platform and community to build awareness and accelerate action around Global Goal 14.

Collectively, if we all make small changes and keep the ocean in the forefront of our minds and our lifestyles, we call be part of the change. Thanks for listening oneocean.FM


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